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Packaging Burgers with Stunning Kraft Paper Designs

The thing you see is the thing you buy. The same goes for the packaging of any food item. If you pack your food with fascinating designs and Kraft papers, it will win hearts for sure. This could be a good way to advertise your burger among bloggers and foodies.

You must be wondering what kraft paper is. It is a brown paper that is biodegradable and is used in food packaging in different ways. 

Kraft paper or paper packaging for burgers is good for marketing purposes. It is ideal for marketing since it can be adorned in a variety of ways! There are numerous uses for brown packing. It can be used to transport meals. You will learn more ideas about Kraft packaging in this blog.


Ways for Kraft Packaging

To leave a long-lasting impression, you need to make a strategy to make Kraft designer boxes to pack your burger or any food item. The first step to the last one should be crucial and you must have a proper strategy in mind to design your box according to the customer's needs and expectations.

Let’s look at some instances that might help you develop your strategy and get your work done easily.

You are attempting to promote your hamburgers; you need a strategy and a proper understanding of the idea of being impressive and how to pack your burger so that it doesn’t lose its real toppings and garnishes after being packed into a box.

The fold strategy can be helpful for your product. Hamburgers are tall and filled with toppings and other attractive garnishes. The fold strategy works well with any kind of burger that has sauce or condiments on it. This could be the best way to advertise your burger. 

When the packaging is good and attractive, it already reaches your customers through word of mouth.

So, what are your plans for the wholesale Kraft boxes you designed? Marketing is more than just using social media and flyers. Think creatively and unconventionally to generate something original.


Things that make your packaging attractive

Be creative with the colors and add other elements that look attractive. Creating with kraft paper brings a lot of liberty and you can be original in many ways. Text and images can be combined to enhance the beauty of the box that will be used to wrap the food item.

This is not a graphic design; hence, you can be as creative as you want to be. You can also use unique fonts when creating with kraft paper. Use unique fonts and exercise creativity when it comes to color selection.

Make sure that you are crafting your box for burger packaging. Add the exciting image of a burger and make sure it has something intriguing about it. Add color schemes like black, white, orange, and some pastel colors to make it look different from other packaging.

Focus on building your unique idea to create a brand that justifies your packaging. Don’t try to copy others' ideas; be different in your own way. 

Avoid being expensive or too fancy. Keep in mind that it is burger packaging and startups and other sellers will not choose you if you are way more expensive than their requirements.

If a customer goes to the store and buys their favorite food, they expect something exciting and unique, which excites them to buy it again and again. You can make similar things, but add something new enough so that people notice it. 


Be Exemplary

What is unique about folding kraft paper into boxes is that they seem like two when closed but open up to one. Be exemplary in your packaging idea and add some extra folding techniques. 

Always, marketing will not work for your product; hence, be productive and creative to make it look nice and promotional without even doing one. 

While making these packaging boxes, don’t worry about the shipping of your products. You can use heavy-duty packaging while shipping.

Choose a paper that doesn’t take up too much space when converted into a proper box. Use light pages but not thin ones, and make sure the paper is thick enough so that people can write on it if they want to.

You can also promote your product’s brand at the top of the box to make people reach it easily. 


Build brand identity

To stand out from all the other brands, build your kraft paper packaging for Burger Brand with unique and stylish fonts and other elements. 

Trust in your creativity and your idea of making a new brand. If you are running your own restaurant, be different from what others are selling and promoting.

Because of their strength and durability, kraft papers have been used for decades in packaging. You can be creative, make your brand different, and stand out from the others through these really helpful brown papers that are used for all-purpose packaging.



Burger box wholesale is a new trend that is running as a startup. If you are creative and you love investing your time in these kinds of creations, you can start your own business with just some items that will be helpful to you throughout the journey.

Get the best kraft paper and put your creations on it to make it stylish and attractive. You will see that it works well with your art and craft. As well, it will open new doors of opportunity for you.