Disposable Food Packaging Products

Some FAQ’s about Paper Cups

Why does every disposable cup have a thick rim at the top?

Paper cups are meant to carry a large volume of beverages. Since the paper used are of low thickness, the cup cannot carry liquid while holding the cup on hand. The paper will bulge and the beverage will spill. The fiber used for making the special paper for the cups has a quality to roll and fold at the same time. The top rim of the paper cup is rolled in the cup forming machine and the top rim gives strength to the cup.


Is it safe to microwave a paper cup?

Yes. The paper cups are microwavable.


What's the point of a coffee cup sleeve?

A coffee cup sleeve is used as a protection from the heat of the hot beverage to the user. It also serves the purpose of a double layer corrugated paper which acts as a heat insulator. Also, the printed sleeve enhances the appearance of the cup.


What are the dimensions of a coffee cup?

There are different dimensions for different cups. Critical dimensions are top rim diameter, height, and bottom diameter. 


How long does a cup of coffee remain hot?

This is mainly based on the temperature of the content in the cup and the thickness of the paper used for the cup. Normally hot drinks will remain hot in the paper cups for 10 to 15 minutes.


Is it safe to drink coffee in a plastic cup?

It is not advisable to drink hot coffee in the plastic cup because hot coffee may heat the plastic and the chemical reaction may affect the health of the consumer.