Branding on Food Packaging products

Soft n Cool


We provide excellent facilities for printing Cups, HD/LD bags, Napkins, Pizza Boxes, Cake Boxes, Lids, Plastic Bowls and whatever the packaging customers are looking for.Automation ensures that the machines produce high quality and hygienic printed products. Well equipped with a team of professionals to deal with all customer requirements from basic graphic designs and concepts to creative printing finished products.

We have our own in-house graphic design department that offers concepts leading to a new package look, that helps you to achieve the distinction and impact you want for your name and products in the market.

Customizing on Paper Range

Paper Cups50,000 Pcs / Size4/6/7/8/9/12/16/20/22 oz
Paper Folded Napkin50 Ctn23×23, 30×30, 33×33
40×40 cm & DT Fold
Pop Corn Tub50 Ctn32(square/Round) /
46/85/130 oz
Paper Ice cream Bowl50 Ctn x 1000 Pcs80/120/200/250/400
/500/750 ml
Paper Soup Bowl50 Ctn x 1000 Pcs6/8/10/12/14/16 oz
Pizza box with Liner50 Ctn x 100 Pcs23×23, 28×28, 33×33 cm
Sandwich Box30 ctn x1000 PcsSmall & Large
Paper Cake Box100 ctn x 100 Pcs15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm
, 30 cm, 35 cm
Paper Boat Tray30 ctn x1000 PcsSmall & Large
Juice Cup Carrier100 ctn x 250 PcsFor 2 Cups & 4 Cups
Facial Tissue1000 Ctn200/150/100/80 Sheets
Sandwich Paper100 Ctn25×30, 30×35, 35×40 cm
Wrapped Straw25 Ctn6mm, 7 mm
Snack Boxes30,000 Pcs
Kraft White Paper Bag5000 Pcs
Kraft Brown Paper Bag100 Ctn25×30, 30×35, 35×40 cm
Paper Coasters50 Ctn x 1000 Pcs
Paper French Fries Pouch100 Ctn x 500 Pcs

Customizing on Plastic Range

HD Shopping Bag500 Kg
LD Shopping Bag500 Kg
Vegetable Bag500 Kg
Laundry Bag500 Kg
Clear PET Cups1000 Pcs10/12/14/16/20 oz

Customizing on Foam Range

Foam Cups1000 Pcs x 100 Ctn6/8/10/12/14/16 cm
Foam Bowl100 Ctn x 1000 Pcs4/8 oz
Lunch Box100 Bundle x 500 PcsLB1, LB2