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Aluminium Containers

PA8342Container 834210 pcs / 54 pkts629110171 0019
PA8368Container 836810 pcs / 48 pkts629110171 0057
PA8389Container 838910 pcs / 48 pkts629110171 0026
PA83120Container 8312010 pcs / 32 pkts629110171 0033
PA83185Container 8318510 pcs / 24 pkts629110171 0064
PA83190Container 8319010 pcs / 20 pkts629110171 0095
PA83241Container 8324110 pcs / 16 pkts629110171 0071
PA73365Container 733655 pcs / 20 pkts629110171 0088

Aluminium Platters

PA6586Oval Platter, 14”10 pcs / 10 pkts629110171 0125
PA65180Oval Platter, 17”5 pcs / 10 pkts629110171 0132

Find reliable disposable Aluminum food packaging supplies at Hotpack Global

Since the introduction of Aluminum in the food packaging industry, it has set a standard of being a highly versatile, recyclable and effective food packaging solution for everything range from barbeque to frozen dinners.

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You can use our Aluminum containers and parcel boxes as they are thoroughly processed to provide you a performing and reliable item in the individual, fast food and restaurants kitchen. Contact us to define the right food packaging solution of your need.