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Flexible Packaging

Hotpack is a leading name in the packaging industry and is well-recognized as a trusted  source of innovative & sustainable packaging solutions. Flexible Packaging Division of Hotpack Packaging Industries located at Um Al Quwain, with an area over 400,000 sq.ft, is among the very best in the region. It is fully integrated & specifically geared for developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions catering to the requirements of a very wide market with its top quality of Film & Flexible Packaging products.

Our Factory is proud to have state-of-the-art printing machines to take up jobs requiring highest impression standards in advanced packaging. With one 8-Color Rotogravure and one 8-Color Flexographic  & three 6-Color Flexographic machines, our Flexible Packaging Factory is the leader in performing complex printing jobs and the very best in print-quality & finish. With this high level of printing expertize , we provide the consumer-goods & retail-outlets an opportunity to keenly engage and influence consumers in their buying process.

The Film Division boasts of an installed capacity of over 700 MT/Month with 23 extruders producing LDPE, HDPE & PP Films at different dedicated lines. LDPE films are offered in mono, twin & triple layers depending upon the end-application requirement. Our new expansion plan would soon take the total extruder capacity to over 1,000 MT / month at the end of 2019

Our most extruders are well-equipped to add corona-treatment to the films at extrusion stage. The Film Extrusion Division  is one of the largest in the industry in terms of number, scope, quality & variety of blown-film manufacturing services.

Products of Film Division:

  • Extruded Film Rolls
  • LDPE Lamination Grade Films for Packaging suppliers for producing laminated packaging
  • HDPE Lamination Grade Films for industrial requirements

These extruded films are manufactures and sold by us as an intermediate product to other packaging companies which produce various types of laminates by using our films in combination with other substrates like PET, BOPP, CPP, Nylon etc. Shrink and Laminate-grade films are mostly three-layered as these are conditioned to give specific response  (shrinkage / adhesion / sealing) in either group packaging or lamination process.

  • LDPE shopping Bags
  • LDPE Chicken Bags
  • LDPE Bread & Bakery Bags
  • LDPE Garbage Bags
  • LDPE Vegetable Rolls
  • HDPE Grocery Bags
  • HDPE Garabage Bags
  • HDPE Bags for Chemical Industries
  • PP Films & Bags

The Flexible Division is fully equipped to supply all types of printed laminates for  Flexible Printed material for a wide range of Packaging applications. Possessing a modern infrastructure combining 8-Color Rotogravure printing, lamination, Slitting & Pouching processes, Hotpack Packaging Industries is best-equipped to deliver exceptional quality of printed films & pouches for different requirements in both Food & non-food packaging.

Finished Products:

Laminated Flexible Film Rolls :

We produce laminated rolls from various combinations of a vast variety of different substrates like  PET / LDPE / Aluminium Foil / BOPP / CPP / Nylon / Metalised & Pearlised Films etc.,

The above substrates are used for packaging food items such as confectionary, dates, spices, seeds, sugar, snacks, grains, liquid foods, pastes etc as well as non-food items like powders, detergents, chemicals etc. Important factors such as end-applicatio, barrier level & shelf-life requirement are some of the key influencers that determine suitability of a laminate-combination for a particular packaging. At times, choosing the right laminate for a product becomes difficult for a customer. In such cases, we take it upon ourselves to guide and help the customers in their decision making process.

Laminated Flexible Pouches:

  • Pillow Pouches
  • Stand-up Pouches
  • Center Seal Pouches
  • Five Seal pouches
  • Pouches with Zipper and Handy punches