Film, Bag & Pouch Division

The Film division boasts of an installed capacity of over 700MT/Month with 25 Extruders producing LDPE, HDPE and PP Films at different dedicated lines. LDPE films are offered in mono, twin and triple layers depending upon the end-application requirement. Our most extruders are well equipped to add corona-treatment to the films at the extrusion stage. The film extrusion division is one of the largest in the industry in terms of number, scope, quality 7 variety of blown-film manufacturing service.

The extruded films are manufactures and sold by us as an intermediate product to the other packaging companies which produce various types of laminates by using our films in combination with other substrates like PET, BOPP, CPP, NYLON etc. Shrink and Laminate-grade films are mostly three layered as these are conditioned to give specific response (Shrinkage/Adhesion/Sealing) in either group packaging or lamination process.