Flexible Packaging Division

In Umm Al Quwain, Hotpack has a sprawling 400,000 Sq Ft facility to manufacture flexible packaging. This facility is known for the capability to extrude the largest quantity of Plastic films in different combinations. Almost the entire film extruded in this facility falls in the recyclable category. The division also has the capability to print in Gravure and Flexo technology. Post printing and lamination is carried out in most sophisticated machines to ensure complete food safety and Hygienic food packaging materials.

To increase its product offering, this facility has the capability to print, laminate, slit and make preformed pouches in various specifications and shapes. The technical team is equipped to provide solutions to our customers to have the right materials. Snack food, confectionery, ice cream, pasta, instant Fruit drinks, milk powder, tomato paste, ketchup, mayonnaise, dates, tea, coffee, spices, Pet food, soaps, detergent, and personal care products are a few of the end use applications currently being manufactured.

As a part of the sustainability agenda of the organization, the flexible packaging division has been involved in providing solutions to its customers from changing the specifications from non-recyclable to recyclable packaging materials. Combined with this Hotpack has been participating in the designing framework for PIR (Post Industrial Recycled and is the raw material made from waste generated within the industry) and PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled and is the raw material made from waste from the end user) initiatives for the region.


Get Best Packaging Solutions from Hotpack Global – A Leading Flexible Packaging Company 

There are two distinct types of Packaging. Flexible and Rigid. Hotpack provides you the best in both  Flexible and Rigid Packaging Solutions that will cater to your demand of Premium Finishes, Excellent Barrier and Desired Convenience features. 


Affordable, Flexible Packaging Solutions

Hotpack provides you optimum Flexible Packaging solution that will enable designing your needs and making it affordable. There are several ways of customizing your needs and we have experts to ensure the right product. 

The product line includes Reels, Pouches, Bags, Multi Layer Laminates, Gravure Printing, Flexo Printing, Stand Up Pouches, 3 Side Seal Pouches, Centre Seal Pouches, Wicketed Bags, Laser Scored Pouches and Reels, Ecommerce Bags, Unique Random Codes, Coffee Pouches with Valves, 3D Pouches, flat Bottom Pouches, Zip Lock Pouches, Vacuum Pouches, Poultry bags, Hot Deli Bags, Pet Food Pouches etc


Need for Recycled Food Packaging Solutions

One of the streams that makes your packaging sustainable is to ensure that it is recyclable, Compostable or BioDegradable. Hotpack has been championing the cause of Recycling in its entire food packaging portfolio of products. The expert team at Hotpack has created alternate solutions to replace the current food packaging without compromising aesthetics and barriers to make it Recyclable.


How to Select Flexible Packaging Suppliers

Companies looking for flexible packaging suppliers should check for packaging suppliers who offer sustainable solutions.  Other than recyclable packaging, the users should also consider the following.


  • Quality of flexible packaging products

In normal scenarios Flexible Packaging is often used as primary Packaging and often is a direct food contact material. To protect the food, highest priority should be given to quality of packaging. Hotpack’s quality lab has the latest equipment to provide best quality consistently


  • Check the Existing Clientele and Testimonies of Flexible Packaging Material Suppliers.

It is also a smart strategy to check what clients of flexible packaging material suppliers have to say about them before going for a particular supplier. Online reviews, testimonies, etc., are some of the smart ways of knowing whether a flexible packaging material manufacturer is trustworthy or not.


  • Reputation of flexible packaging material manufacturer 

Reputation & Goodwill of Hotpack has been created over several years of Good Quality and Service. As there are always options available to users for choosing from different Flexible Packaging suppliers, it will be beneficial to look up on the reputation and then decide on the right supplier


  •  Timely Delivery of Goods by Flexible Packaging Division

Service includes both On-Time Deliveries and quick response time. At Hotpack the systems have been created to ensure very quick response to any queries. The installed capacities have been created to deliver the packaging material in desired and committed timelines. it is an endeavor to Help the customers to sell more


The Best Flexible Packaging Manufacturer You Will Find

Hotpack Packaging Industries fits on all the above parameters. It is the perfect flexible packaging manufacturer for your needs. We encourage your due diligence on any parameters that are relevant to your business requirements. To add to the above we have the following to offer as well


  •  Sustainable Manufacturing Flexible Packaging

At Hotpack Global, we believe in providing sustainable development and thus are focused on providing recyclable flexible packaging products. We are always committed to reducing the impact of packaging solutions on the environment and have pioneered several revolutionary changes on this front.


  • Dependable Flexible Packaging Suppliers

One of our most significant selling points is our dependability. Whether it comes to the quality of manufacturing flexible packaging products, their timely delivery, the availability of various options, or anything else, we are going the extra mile to develop a maintainable trust factor.

With ready customer support, a robust website, and a strong reputation as the best flexible packaging material suppliers, we are the one-stop solution for all your packaging needs.


So, let us care for your plastic products with our secure packaging system committed to risk-free packing for all your business needs