Rigid PET Packaging

One of its kind in the region, the PET plant is the latest addition to extensive portfolio of products. This plant has been made to take forward the Sustainable agenda of the group. Strategically located in National Industries Park in Dubai, this plant is equipped with latest Austrian machines to deliver high quality PET products in most energy efficient manner to reduce carbon footprints.

PET is known for its environment friendly characteristics and is often referred to as Green Plastic being 100% recyclable. It could be repeatedly recycled and transformed into different products using its thermodynamic qualities. At this plant we have invested in more than 200 molds that can cater to bakery products, salad bowls, vegetable and meat packaging products, clear trays and containers etc. These also come with customization of printing for Branding purposes.

Feature of our PET Plants:

  • BRC Certified Purpose Built PET Food Packaging Plant
  • 500K SQF Built Area with 23m High rise building and 40,000+ Pallet Storage Spaces.
  • Tight Gauge control which enables consistent weight of products
  • 100% virgin material usage leading to enhanced clarity and gloss
  • wide thickness range capability of 150mic to 2200mic PET Sheet.
  • Efficient production of sophisticated formed parts with excellent quality.
  • Highly productive printing machines to deliver productivity, consistency, innovative and quality.
  • Complete and reliable traceability for food safety certifications.
  • An ever-growing global company, generating employment to a fast growing population.
  • Our vertical integration and flexible manufacturing approach helps the customers drive down total costs.
  • With continuous improvement and responsive service, we achieve the highest overall value for each packaging solution.
  • We provide our customers the innovative and sustainable solutions. We anticipate their needs and deliver them the unexpected.