Hotpack awarded Crystal Esko XPS certification

First company in the region to receive the endorsement

Dubai, December 06, 2021: Hotpack Global, the world’s leading manufacturer of disposable food packaging products, has received the prestigious Crystal XPS certification, endorsing the company’s plate quality and printing Excellence.

In a statement, Hotpack said that it is the first company in the region to bag the certificate, a significant indicator of the packaging major’s focus on globally benchmarked standards and processes.

“We consider the certification as a feather in our cap, and an endorsement of our focus on quality. Being an Esko XPS Crystal Certified Partner means that Hotpack can now offer best-in-class plate quality and printing excellence to the highest standards. We are also delighted that we are the first company in the region to have attained this,” said Hotpack Group Managing Director P.B. Abdul Jebbar.

Hotpack said thanks to technology, highly consistent digital flexo plates can be produced by simultaneous and optimally controlled main and reverse UV exposure at is manufacturing facilities.

“We are a customer-centric organization and our investments have always been focused on advanced niche technology that will enable us to provide customers with the best quality of printing that will exceed their expectations,” Mr. Jebbar said.

Hotpack also strives to provide an extra level of quality assurance and reliability while following the best technical practices. Hotpack said that with the technology, it can now supply clients with standard screens (135/160 lpi), up to the absolute premium range with 250 lpi, delivering the best possible plate quality with the highest consistency and repeatability.

The XPS Crystal platemaking certification program focuses on the plate making process as well as on best-in-class print quality. The certification program is open to all XPS Crystal users.

The certification will also support the company’s thrust on export markets. The company currently exports to 100 countries across the world. Hotpack’s focus on quality has been possible because of its investments in fully automated, state-of-the-art factories at 4.O industry standards.

Hotpack’s complete range of disposable food packaging solutions include eco-friendly kraft boxes, trays, paper bags, paper cups, takeaway containers, Aluminum foils, flexible packaging and luxury folding carton products. Their ultra-modern PET extrusion plant in National Industries Park produces recyclable bakery containers, salad bowls, juice cups and more. Hotpack also specializes in the production of facial tissues, napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls under the brand “Soft n Cool”.