Hotpack launches `Happiness Project’ – employee engagement programme to foster work-life balance

Hotpack launches `Happiness Project’ – employee
engagement programme to foster work-life balance

  •  Launched as part of Mission 2030, the initiative debuts in the UAE, to be
    spread across global and regional offices


  •  Family-oriented programme fetes first winners with team Dubai in the
    winning seat and Umm Al Quwain as runners up


Dubai, April xx, 2022: Hotpack Global, the world’s leading manufacturer of disposable food
packaging products, has launched a first-of-its-kind family-oriented employee engagement initiative
– the Hotpack Happiness Project – to foster work-life balance, and to follow the footsteps of the UAE
Government on happiness initiatives.

In a statement, Hotpack said the project which has debuted in the UAE is part of the Hotpack’s
Mission 2030 roadmap, will be spread across the globe and the region where the company has its
bases, benefiting nearly 3,500 employees.

“Hotpack believes that any sustainable business cannot ignore employee happiness and activities such
as our Happiness Project, will go a long way in bringing a fun element to our workers and their
families. The project has its inspiration from the UAE government and its happiness initiatives under
the Ministry of Happiness. The last 27 years of our successful journey would not have been possible
without the high level of employee loyalty Hotpack has, and the current programme is a celebration of
our relationship with our family of workers across the world,” said Mr. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group
Managing Director.

In the first edition of this annual programme, the finale of which was held in Dubai on March 27
2022, over 350 employees participated in cultural, knowledge and fine arts activates while 500
participated in sports items. Hotpack UAE teams were divided in to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah &
Northern Emirates including Umm Al Quwain.

“The initiative aims to bring the hidden talents of our employees and their family members across
various sports, arts and cultural competitions, and a series of workshops. It was a Hotpack family get
together with the aim of nurturing and rewarding the talents of our employees outside their mandates
at the workplace,” said Mr. Jebbar.

Team Dubai was adjudged as the winners of the `Hotpack Happiness Project’ 2022, while Umm Al
Quwain were the runners up.

“The scope of this project is wide when we expand it to other centres, and we are confident that this
will add value to our employee welfare activities across the business,” Mr. Jebbar said.

Across the world, Hotpack has 43 sales centres, 27 branches and 13 manufacturing plants, and the
next stop of the programme will be across the GCC countries.

“We are a sustainable company and employees form a crucial element of this mission of ours. Their
happiness is important as we continue to grow and expand with the help of their dedication and
commitment to productivity,” Mr. Jebbar added.