Hotpack to introduce new global impact strategy to keep sustainability at the forefront

Hotpack Global, the UAE-based global leader in packaging products, plans to introduce a new global impact strategy to keep sustainability at its forefront by successfully continuing its efforts to transform non-recyclable specifications into recyclable categories. This strategy aims to enhance the food packaging solutions provider’s position as a pioneering force in sustainable packaging and set a benchmark for the industry.

The global strategy will enable Hotpack to manufacture products that help people make more sustainable choices, benefitting customers, the market, the economy, and the planet through social and environmental impact.

The company has announced this during the celebration of its 28th anniversary, marking the remarkable journey of sustainability. As a testament to this milestone, Hotpack has unveiled a special anniversary logo that emphasises the company's enduring commitment to sustainable packaging solutions and symbolises its significant impact on shaping a more environmentally responsible world.

Based in the UAE, Hotpack Global has emerged as the world’s leading manufacturer of food packaging products within three decades of pioneering innovation. The company takes a holistic approach to sustainability, emphasizing materials, processes, and partnerships to achieve excellence, placing a strong focus on recyclability. With a global presence of 16 manufacturing plants worldwide and over 50 sales outlets in the MENA region, Hotpack continues leading the way in the sustainable packaging industry.

Hotpack Global has committed to supporting grassroots efforts around the world that aim to promote equity among all people. The company maintains its holistic approach, integrating ethical and environmentally conscious practices across its operations, emphasising that sustainability is a shared obligation.

Commenting on the global impact strategy, Mr. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global, said, "At Hotpack Global, our unwavering commitment to positive change remains steadfast. We channel our utmost efforts into aligning all our brands with environmentally friendly innovations. Our sustainability initiative is intricately tied to our overarching goal of promoting responsible business practices, including the adoption of greener packaging solutions aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. On this occasion, we celebrate our dedication to environmental preservation and community support through the utilization of eco-conscious materials and processes."

Hotpack Global has rapidly expanded its global reach from its roots in the UAE exporting sustainable products to over 100 countries around the world. Furthermore, the company's commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse portfolio of over 4,000 products, ranging from paper cups to cling film, providing comprehensive food packaging solutions to a wide range of consumers.

Mr. Jebbar said, “The most crucial factor in sustainable food packaging is recyclability. To that end, we have adopted recyclability at the core of its sustainability efforts, actively moving towards environmentally friendly variants of plastic, incorporating up to 70 per cent recycled content in select products.”

Hotpack has developed an alternative 'bio' range that is fully recyclable. Many of Hotpack’s plastic production facilities can accept up to 90 per cent recycled raw materials, while the 'Kraft Range' paper products incorporate 100 per cent recycled material, reducing their carbon footprint. Hotpack has also embraced the challenge posed by the latest entrant in the packaging arena: biodegradable or compostable products.

Amidst changing global dynamics, Hotpack has swiftly adapted to the "new normal" by updating its packaging requirements. The company has incorporated sustainability and hygiene into its products while maintaining performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Its multiple sites and diversified product range have given it a competitive edge.

Hotpack Global remains proactive in adopting technologies that contribute to a more environmentally friendly world for future generations. Their distinctive paper products, featuring bio-coating, are designed to be fully compostable without the need for additional treatment.

As Hotpack expands its presence into new markets, including the Middle East, North Africa, the UK, and the United States, it looks forward to a future filled with promise, pioneering eco-conscious packaging solutions that benefit both businesses and the environment.