Hotpack’s breast cancer awareness programme reaches out to nearly 4,000 employees under “Hotpack Happiness” initiative

Hotpack Global, the UAE-based global leader in packaging products, has conducted a breast cancer awareness campaign for the nearly 4,000 employees of the company. This campaign took place under "Hotpack Happiness", a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The Hotpack employees took a resolute pledge to make a meaningful difference in raising awareness about breast cancer among their family members and circle of friends. The campaign centered around an engaging awareness program and an inspiring art installation aimed to reach every staff member.

"Hotpack Happiness" is Hotpack's extensive employee engagement program that seeks to enhance the welfare and engagement of its workforce. The initiative seeks to foster an atmosphere of support within the organization, which aims to be a driving force for positive change, inspiring others to join in its mission.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global, said, “We are happy to unveil the “Hotpack Happiness” initiative. We, at Hotpack, believe in the power of unity and responsibility. The breast cancer awareness initiative is aimed at spreading a message for the wellbeing of our employees on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, and support as this is one of the most prevalent challenges to women’s health around the world.”

“Through this CSR initiative, we are not only raising awareness about breast cancer but also fostering a culture of compassion and support within our organization. This pledge signifies our commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond our products, and we invite others to join us on this journey towards a more caring and breast cancer-aware community,” he added.

Mr. Zainudeen Beeravunni, Group Executive Director of Hotpack Global, said, “Our purpose for launching this 'Hotpack Happiness' initiative is to translate our commitment into action. The awareness event and art installation represent a shift in our corporate culture towards a more socially responsible and compassionate corporate house. We're not just painting a picture but creating a canvas of empathy and solidarity. We encourage other organizations to embark on similar journeys of awareness and support; together, we can make a substantial difference in the fight against breast cancer.”

“This pledge reflects our collective commitment as a company to champion breast cancer awareness, advocate for early detection, and provide support to those affected by this prevalent disease. By taking this pledge, Hotpack is taking proactive steps to build a breast cancer-aware and supportive community, while contributing to the global cause,” he added.

The informative awareness event is at the heart of the "Hotpack Happiness" initiative. The event engaged and educated Hotpack group’s employees providing them with vital insights into breast cancer. It emphasised the significance of early detection and the availability of support mechanisms, fostering a culture of empathy and solidarity among employees.

Complementing the impactful event is a powerful and emotionally charged art installation elegantly displayed in Hotpack's office spaces. This visually compelling representation serves as more than just a striking display; it's a call to action. It symbolizes the company's deep-rooted commitment to breast cancer awareness. The art installation has proven to be a catalyst for meaningful discussions, sparking conversations that are essential to our collective journey.

With the 'Hotpack Happiness,' the company is emphasising its unyielding dedication to employee well-being and development. By prioritizing its workforce, the company not only celebrates its achievements with the individuals who form its foundation but also actively nurtures an environment that champions personal growth and empowerment.