Leading The Pack - Latest Interview in Forbes Middle East October 2021

Hotpack recently won the coveted Dubai Smart Industry Award 2020 for quality in the manufacturing sector. What does this success mean to you?

Starting out in 1995 as a manufacturer of packaging products, Hotpack has continually embraced state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at the core of its growth and operations. Hotpack packaging has developed impactful high-end packaging solutions at competitive prices by implementing a fully integrated system, which connects all business areas. We introduced a first-of-its-kind exclusive e-commerce platform and launched retail showrooms dedicated to packaging products.

We currently export our products to nearly  100 countries from our 12 manufacturing plants and direct operations across 13 countries. Apart from branches all over Middle East, we also have operations in U.S., U.K., Africa, Australia, Spain, and India. We are in the process of setting up new manufacturing and distribution bases in Europe and Asia. Hotpack is not just a manufacturer of packaging products anymore but a brand in itself. We have never looked at packaging as an additional cost to a product but as a value addition to the entire marketing process. For us, packaging is the product.


What are  the major challenges faced by you  in the industry, and how have you overcome them?

The packaging industry is going through profound and significant changes, causing a major shift in customer demands. While the demand for food packaging has increased, the product mix and priorities have changed drastically. We continuously monitor these trends  and proactively address the emerging needs of our consumers. Soaring freight rates, port congestion, and equipment shortages are some of the recent challenges that the packaging industry is facing in the region. As Hotpack’s mantra lies in backward integration, we have reduced our dependency on these various factors and  become self-sufficient. Only those who can adapt to the new norms and invest in the latest technologies can survive.


How do you see the company and the packaging industry developing in the coming years?

Globally, the packaging industry is expected to touch the  $1 trillion mark by 2024. Hotpack is set to transform from a regional player to a global leader. In keeping with our vision, the company is determined to continue embracing digitalization and smart strategies that we initiated several years ago. Our smart use of technology, which combines Robotics, Big Data, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence, forms the backbone of our operations, from raw material sourcing and production up to customer delivery and after-sales follow-up.


What are your future goals for the company?

Our research and development team is very active in identifying product categories that further minimize our ecological footprint. Sustainable packaging  is the future  and we are working hard to incorporate a circular economy to create opportunities in recyclable, compostable products that will help minimize our CO2 emissions and make our planet a better place to live for future generations.