Kraft Paper Bag with Handle | Tin-Tie Bag | Cookie Bag

Soft n Cool

Brown/White Kraft Paper Bag

PCBWTH2610335White Kraft Paper Bag-26x10x35.5 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBWTH291529White Kraft Paper Bag- 29*15*29 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBWTH321234White Kraft Paper Bag-32*12*34 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBWTH341833White Kraft Paper Bag- 34*18*33 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBWTH381440White Kraft Paper Bag-38*14*40 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBBTH291529Brown Kraft Paper Bag-29*15*29 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBBTH321235Brown Kraft Paper Bag-32*12*35 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBBTH341833Brown Kraft Paper Bag- 34*18*33 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PCBBTH381440Brown Kraft Paper Bag- 38*14*40 cm250 Pcs550x550x300 mm
PBBDH2828Brown paper bag-Die Cut Handle-28*15*28 cm500 Pcs600x320x220 mm

Square Bottom Paper Bag

White/Brown Paper bag12x7x24 cm
White/Brown Paper bag15×10.5×33.5 cm
White/Brown Paper bag18×11.5×32 cm
White/Brown Paper bag20x9x23 cm
White/Brown Paper bag24x12x36 cm

Square Bottom Paper Bag

White/Brown Paper bag10x5x18 cm
White/Brown Paper bag12x7x24 cm
White/Brown Paper bag15.5x7x28 cm
White/Brown Paper bag18x8x33 cm
White/Brown Paper bag20x10x38 cm
White/Brown Paper bag22×7.5×33 cm
White/Brown Paper bag25x10x43 cm

PE Coated bag

PCCBSPE Coated bag, Small500 Pcs280x275x200 mm
PCCBMPE Coated bag, Medium500 Pcs500x270x400 mm
PCCBLPE Coated bag, Large500 Pcs410x340x220 mm

Tin-Tie Bag with Window

TTBSTin-Tie Bag with Window, Small500 Pcs280x290x230 mm
TTBLTin-Tie Bag with Window, Large500 Pcs390x290x230 mm

Cookies Bag

PCBPaper Cookies Bag1000 Pcs330x140x130 mm

Paper bag with Window

WPB3020Paper bag with Window1000 Pcs330x430x180mm
WPB3415Paper bag with Window1000 Pcs370x330x180mm
WPB62X9Paper bag with Window1000 Pcs650x200x180mm

Normal Paper Bag

PB0/PB0WPaper Bag, No:04 Kg420x275x100 mm
PB1/PB1WPaper Bag, No:14 Kg420x275x100 mm
PB2/PB2WPaper Bag, No:24 Kg365x230x155 mm
PB3/PB3WPaper Bag, No:34 Kg460x200x80 mm
PB4/PB4WPaper Bag, No:44 Kg540x240x50 mm
PB5/PB5WPaper Bag, No:054 Kg550x290x80 mm
PB6/PB6WPaper Bag, No:064 Kg580x320x40 mm
PB7Paper Bag, No:074 Kg640x380x60 mm

Buy Kraft paper bags with a handle at Hotpack Global

Nowadays companies are turning toward environment-friendly measures, therefore, demand for recyclable paper bags is on the rise. At Hotpack Global, we not only the manufacturer but also supply different types of paper bags to our customer depending on their varying demands. Albeit the feel and texture of the paper varies due to the material used in paper making.

Whether you want brown paper bags for the presentation or packaging of products, we have got everything cover. In general paper bags are used in exhibitions and malls for delivering products over the counter while corporates use these bags for seminars, promotions, branding and for product packaging purpose.

Being a renowned Brown Paper Bags Manufacturer of this industry we are capable of handling urgent orders with the quantity and budget of the project.