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Bio degradable 6" burger box 500pcs
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Go Eco-friendly with a Bio-Degradable Burger Box

Burgers are one of the few items they sell themselves. The original fast-food burgers are almost offered in disposable boxes specially designed for them to enable takeaway and delivery options. Unfortunately, the use-and-throw nature of these boxes will hardly help your business to create an image as an eco-friendly enterprise unless you go for a bio-degradable burger box.

With businesses feeling increasing pressure to adopt sustainable pressure, it is high time that you, too, should adopt biodegradable burger box packaging for your business.

Allow us to tell you more about disposable burger boxes and the best place to buy them.

Chief Reasons for Using Biodegradable Burger Box Packaging

Bio-degradable burger box option for packaging burgers has grown tremendously popular over the years due to several reasons, including the following:

  • Easy to Treat
  • The chief reason to use biodegradable burger box packaging is that, as their name suggests, they are biodegradable. Biodegradation is the process by which decomposers (certain microbes present in the environment) break down organic matter into simpler elements that can be absorbed into nature, leaving no pollution.

    That is not the case with many alternatives often made out of either mined material or petrochemicals. Both of these can’t be decomposed as they are non-biodegradable and can remain in the environment for decades, even centuries causing a lot of pollution.

  • Reduces the Carbon Footprint of Your Enterprise
  • The food industry is already under a lot of pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. It is a measurement that calculates the carbon emissions of your business. These carbon emissions may be in the form of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., and cause environmental problems like Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, and Climate change. Using disposable burger boxes might contribute to the carbon footprint more if the same is made from non-biodegradable material. That is why we recommend going for biodegradable burger boxes only.

  • Compostable
  • As mentioned above, biodegradation breaks down a thing into simple elements that can be absorbed into nature. That can be done through compositing. Compostable burger box is one which can be used for compositing. The process creates a composite that can be added to soil and restore the nutritional value of the same.

  • Sustainable Option
  • Another perk of using bio-degradable burger box options is that they are made using material from renewable resources and thus material that can be used sustainably for an extended period of time.

  • Helps Earn More Revenue
  • Another reason to use biodegradable burger box packaging for your enterprise is that it can also help you earn more revenue. Using these options shows that your enterprise cares for nature and thus may attract more customers.

  • Sanitary Choice
  • Being disposable burger boxes, these boxes also help ensure sanitation as no boxes shall be reused. They can thus help curb the spread of pathogens.

Helpful Tips for Buying Disposable Burger Boxes

Thus far, we have focused on the perks of using biodegradable burger boxes. However, you must use them smartly to get the best of these advantages. The following are some of the best tips for getting the best use of biodegradable burger box packaging:

  • Have a Clear Idea of Your Needs
  • To begin with, you must have a clear idea of your bio-degradable burger box needs. How many boxes you need, what should be their size, and what is your budget for these burger boxes are some of the things you must ascertain.

  • Consider the Size of the Burger Box
  • You must also consider the size of disposable burger boxes before buying them and ensure that they are neither too large nor too small for your food offerings. Generally speaking, six-inch boxes are the best for most food offerings.

  • Consider the Quality of the Material
  • We also recommend considering the quality of materials used for making the compostable burger box you go for. It should have the tensile strength to hold the burger without its bottom falling down and should not get too soggy.

  • Buy Burger Boxes in Bulk
  • Burger boxes don’t occupy a lot of space and are inexpensive. Further, if your burgers are selling well, you will be running out of them in no time. So, it is only sensible to buy compostable burger box opinions in bulk. That may also help you get a better price for them.

  • Check the Price
  • The price of the burger box directly impacts the cost of burgers, and thus, it is only sensible that you should look for low-cost burger boxes. However, we recommend not compromising the price of the boxes.

  • Consider Other Eco-Friendly Products
  • Most of the advantages mentioned above for Bio-degradable burger boxes are also true for other biodegradable items like biodegradable cutleries, plates, containers, bowls, etc. Using biodegradable options for all such things will help you get the best of such advantages. To save time, you should try to get them all from a single supplier like Hotpack Global.

  • Choose the Supplier Carefully
  • You can’t afford to run out of burger boxes, and thus, we recommend getting your Bio-degradable burger box packaging material from a supplier that can be depended upon for providing a timely delivery on the same.

Hotpack Global - The Top Compostable Burger Box Supplier

Hotpack Global is the top supplier of eco-friendly burger box and other biodegradable materials. The following are some of the chief reasons for choosing your burger box supplier:

  • Best quality 6” burger box options available in bulk at cost-effective rates
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  • Burger box packaging solutions are made of the highest quality material.
  • Easily make online purchases through our highly intuitive website.
  • A customer-centred approach that always tries to ensure the best experience for our customers. Hotpack Global’s customer service is always willing to take your doubts.
  • Your one-stop solution for all eco-friendly food service and food packaging needs.
  • Experience having served thousands of customers already.

With all these advantages, we are your best choice for getting eco-friendly burger boxes. So, don’t hesitate and place your first order for compostable burger box packaging today or request a quote for the same.