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Hotpack Global: The Best Place To Buy Paper Boat Trays

Disposable trays are considered handy and hygienic as they are only meant to be used once. However, they can also result in the creation of excessive waste and increase the carbon footprint of your enterprise if the material used is plastic or metal. That is why you should buy paper boat trays. Shaped like boats and made from sturdy quality paper, they can hold the food while also providing the option of being disposable while keeping the environmental impact low. Let us discuss this a little more about this product.


Perks Of Using Paper Boat Trays

The following are some of the biggest reasons to buy paper boat trays:

Disposable food boats are eco-friendly

As mentioned above, paper food boats are an eco-friendly alternative to other materials like plastic. Both paper and other material used is mostly renewable, and moreover, they can be reused or recycled.

CSR and PR benefits of using paper trays

Being eco-friendly, the food serving paper boat trays are great for CSR and PR. Your enterprise will be able to be seen as ‘green’ for using them.

Food serving paper boat trays are made of sturdy material

Your trays should be made of sturdy material that won’t let your food go spoil, and food boat trays can be one such alternative, especially if you are using trays made of kraft paper.

Customization advantage of paper trays

It is easy to print the logo and the brand name of your enterprise on a paper boat food tray, making them an excellent tool for increasing brand visibility.


Though the paper boat food trays might, on the face of it, cost a little more than their alternative, they are or can be made cost-effective in the following ways:

  • Paper boat food tray products should be brought in bulk - By buying them in bulk, you can expect to get wholesale rates.
  • White or brown paper food boats trays have low printing costs - Disposable food boats are comparatively easy to print on, and thus the cost of customizing them to have your logo will be lower.
  • CSR and PR benefits of paper trays - Being eco-friendly, these plates provide you better CSR and PR benefits resulting in more revenue, and thus additional revenue can offset the costs.
  • They are Disposable - Being disposable, they cut the efforts and costs involved in getting dishes clean.

Tips While Looking for Food Boat Trays

The following are some of the tips that can prove helpful while looking for paper food boats:

  • Consider the material used - Kraft paper is the best material for making food boat trays as it has good strength and can easily hold solid as well as fluid food.
  • Dimensions - There are three dimensions to be considered when buying disposable food boats - height, top size, and bottom size. Together they will also determine the capacity of the boats, which is normally measured in ounces.
  • Quality of the paper - Another consideration when buying food serving paper boat trays is the quality of the material used in making them. One of the important measures in this regard is the thickness of the material, which is measured in grams per square meter or GSM. Other things being equal, the higher the GSM, the thicker the material and stronger it will be.
  • Coating - Polyethylene (PE) coating is useful to ensure that the material can withstand moisture. The coating of kraft paper food trays will also add to the GSM.
  • Colour - Brown paper food boats trays are unbleached. Bleaching gives them white colour and can also add to strength. You can go plays trays of both colours as well as choose to have a custom print on them.
  • Supplier - A paper boat food tray is as good as its supplier, and so you must be careful while selecting one.
  • Price - You must always be mindful of your budget, and we recommend that you should only go for a supplier that can provide good rates for kraft paper food trays brought in bulk.
  • We hope that these tips will prove helpful in finding the best paper boat trays for your enterprise.

Hotpack Global - The Best Supplier Of Kraft Paper Food Trays

Hotpack Global is the leading supplier of food packaging solutions. Located in UAE, we provide white and brown paper food boats trays of the highest quality in various sizes and specification for food businesses. These trays can be ordered in bulk to avail the best prices you are likely to get in the market. We shall provide fast delivery of your products, and we shall provide fast delivery of your order.

Thus, if you are looking to buy paper boat trays, request a quote from us now.