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Finding The Best Place To Buy Paper Burger Box For Your Business

One of the biggest revolutions in our lifestyle in the past century has come from fast food, and burgers are the ultimate fast food. They can be nutritious, and they are highly convenient for customers to order to eat or take away; one of the biggest reasons for their success remains their packaging. Paper burger box packaging is currently the most favoured option. And there are several reasons for this. Let us explore various aspects of the same in detail.


Perks Of Going For A Paper Burger Box

There are several benefits of going for a Paper burger box , including the following:

  • Paper burger boxes should be eco-friendly.
  • One of the biggest reasons to buy paper burger box products is that they are an eco-friendly option. They can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business significantly. Since paper boxes are meant to be used only one time before being thrown away, there is increased pressure on food businesses to make them more eco-friendly. And paper burger box packaging is the best option in this regard. Though paper comes from trees, it is still more eco-friendly than popular alternatives like plastic and more renewable.

  • They are good for CSR and PR.
  • When you buy paper burger box, you show that you care for the environment. That helps create a good image when it comes to corporate social responsibility and public relations; the fact can also be used in advertisements and product promotions.

  • The paper burger boxes are cost-effective.
  • When rightly done, Paper burger box can provide a cost-effective solution to your burger packaging need.

Options For Paper Burger Box Packaging

There are several options if you are about to buy paper burger box packaging solutions. Let us consider some of these:

  • Kraft paper burger box
  • Kraft paper is produced from a chemical produced during the pulping process of sulphate wood (at least 80 percent of the content). The word ‘Kraft’ has its origins in the German word for strong, and the material is known for its relative strength. A kraft paper burger box is ideally suited to the needs of packing burgers as burger needs strong paper boxes to hold them.

  • Custom paper burger box
  • While customization is not necessary, it is highly desirable. Using a custom paper burger box will let you put the name of your enterprise or brand on the boxes. Thus, they are great from a marketing perspective. Additionally, customization means you can adjust the size of your burger box to the burger (rather than the other way around) - so that boxes are neither too small nor too large for burgers.

  • Brown paper burger box and other alternatives
  • Regarding the colour of burger boxes, brown paper burger box packaging is generally preferred. They are generally made of Kraft paper. Some other options are listed below:

  • White Burger boxes
  • White colour is particularly suited for printing your enterprise logo, and other marketing details

  • White and brown kraft burger box
  • White and brown kraft burger box combines the various advantages of different paper burger boxes we have discussed. They are made of kraft hence strong, and they allow for easy printing and customization.

One of the biggest considerations is where to get your burger paper boxes from, as the choice of supplier will largely determine your experience of using them. It is about finding a supplier who can find you high-quality and customizable paper burger boxes and reasonable prices. However, you need not worry on this front anymore as you have already found the right supplier in the form of Hotpack Global. Let us tell you a little more about ourselves.

Hotpack Global - The Best Supplier To Buy Paper Burger Boxes From

Hotpack Global has been the leading supplier of custom paper burger box for the burger industry worldwide for several years now. Ever since it was started in 1995, this U.A.E.-based company has been the preferred vendor by several giants of the industry when it comes to their white and brown kraft burger box needs. We supply only the highest quality kraft paper burger box that can be customized according to the needs of our clients. Moreover Hotpack Global only uses FSC certified raw material which ensures that the raw material for our paper products come from responsibly managed forests that provide social, economical and most importantly - environmental enefits. Our fleet of over three hundred vehicles help us ensure that we provide timely deliveries for all orders.

Not only burger boxes, but we can be your one-stop solution for all kinds of food packaging needs - boxes, straws, bags, etc.; our catalogue contains over 3500 products containing all kinds of supplies you may need for your food business, including crockery and health and hygiene supplies as well. All our products come at the best price and are best ordered in bulk.

So, if you are looking for a supplier of brown paper burger box packaging solutions provider, just give us a call to get the services of a company that already boosts over twenty-five thousand customers.