Paper Cups, Bowl & Bucket

Paper Cups Division

Located at Umm Al Quwain’s New Industrial Area-1, Hotpack Industries LLC has a brand new 12000 SqM facility exclusively dedicated to manufacturing of Paper Cups. This division is equipped with latest machineries mostly from Europe. With hygiene as primary focus, the manufacturing process is fully automated and has minimum human interference. This has enabled this division to be awarded BRCGS certificate with AA grade.

Special emphasis has been given to product safety and hygiene. All the products produced come with an assurance of quality. As a responsible producer, Sustainability is of high priority of the management. This facility has the capability to produce eco-friendly products to protect our environment.

An elaborate product range that covers cold cups, hot cups, ice cream cups and bowls. These come in sizes from 7 oz to 32 oz in both single wall, double wall, ripple wall and embossed double wall options.

Being the market leader in this category, special focus has been on innovations and customization. The facility has the options of printing in various formats like Offset, Flexo and Digital to cater to all size of consumer and enable brand building.

Disposable Paper cups are essential products not just for any Café, Restaurant or Hotel, but you find them everywhere in daily life, from home use to workplaces. Year round, consumers enjoy hot tea or coffee or a refreshing juice on the go with disposable paper cups. Hotpack pamper you for choices of type of paper cups that are produced from their sophisticated production plant in UAE where paper cups are produced in various types, sizes, and applications – whether for hot or cold beverages. Hotpack also specializes in the production of eco friendly bio coated paper cups.

Single wall Hot paper cups

Standard single wall cups are specifically designed for consumption of hot beverages like tea or coffee. These cups are thicker and typically contain a poly lined inside coating that protects the cup from leaking. Special paper with double side coating is used for cold paper cups. We offer wide selection of cup sizes and specification in single wall cups as below:

  • Hot paper cups of sizes 4oz,6oz,6.5oz,7oz,8oz,9oz,10oz,12oz,16oz and 20oz
  • Cold paper cups of sizes 9oz,12oz,16oz,22oz,24oz,30oz and 32oz

Plain white cups, Kraft cups or generic printed cups are available. Custom brand printed cups are also produced on demand.

Ripple cups

Produced with three layers of paper, the extra layer of textured insulation helps keep hot drinks warmer for longer periods. Our ripple cups not only provide great insulation, they offer a superior grip. We also offer customized cup solutions, and an array of cup sizes to choose from:

  • Ripple cups of sizes 8oz, 12oz & 16oz

Plain white, black, kraft ripple cups as well as generic printed cups are available. Customized cups can also be made to order.

Embossed hot cups

Embossed hot paper cups are double wall paper cups where the outer layer of the cups is made of special embossed paper. Customised design is embossed on the special paper and wrapped around the inner cup with glue. Embossed paper can be printed or unprinted as per the customer requirements.

  • Embossed ripple cups of sizes 12oz and 16oz.

Double wall cups

Double wall cups made with 2 layers of papers. The inner cup is made with single coated paper and the printed or unprinted outer layer is wrapped around the inner cup with glue. The gap between the inner cup and outer layer acts as an air jacket and a perfect heat insulator. Various sizes and specs are available, along with customized options.

  • Double wall cups of sizes 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz

Customized double wall cups offer instant brand recognition, and we make it easy and affordable to develop your custom printed cups.

Eco friendly cups

Hotpack also specializes in the production of environmentally friendly and compostable paper cups where the poly coating is replaced with a plant based lining. We offer this solution for all our paper cups.