Disposable Food Packaging Products

Different types of Paper Cups

Types of paper cups

Based on the temperature of the beverage/content within, there are two types of paper cups.

  1. Cold paper cups
  2. Hot paper cups


Cold Paper Cups

Cold paper cups are made out of double-side coated special paper in specially designed machines.

Cold paper cups come in different sizes. 

7oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz, 24oz, 30oz and 32oz.

Hot Paper Cups

Hot paper cups are made of single coated paper produced in specially designed machines.

Different types of hot cups

In order to enhance the quality and appearance of the hot cups, they are classified as follows.

  1. Single wall hot cups
  2. Double-wall hot cups
  3. Ripple hot cups
  4. Embossed hot cups.
  5. Hot cups with handle


Single wall hot cups - 

These are normal hot cups made with one layer of coated paper. Printed and unprinted as per the customer requirements.


Double-wall hot cups -

These are normal hot paper cups wrapped with another layer of paper and create an air jacket around the inner cup to have better heat insulation. In this case, the outer layer can be printed as per the customer's requirement.


Ripple hot cups -

These are normal hot cups wrapped around with corrugated paper. In short, this is a three-layer cup. This has more heat insulation capacity than a double wall cup.


Embossed hot cups -

These are double-wall cups with the outer layer having embossed impressions which gives attracts the users.


Hot cups with handles -

These normal small size hot paper cups with a handle attached to their side.