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How Paper Cups are Made?

How are the paper coffee cups made?

Paper coffee cups are made with specially coated paper in specially designed machines in the following steps.

  1. First, the coated paper is printed as per the requirements and cut into the required shape of the outer wall of the cup (It is called a blank or side wall). 
  2. These blanks are then passed through the conveyors of the specially designed paper cup machine and the side for the blank is heated with hot air or an ultrasonic heating system at the specified sealing area.
  3. The blank is folded around the mandrel (tool) in the next station of the machine and the heated area is pressed with a lever before the heat dissipates. This makes the outer wall of the cup.
  4. This outer wall moves to the next station and on the way, the bottom part of the outer wall is heated with hot air.
  5. At the next station, the round cut bottom paper gets attached to the bottom part of the outer wall paper with the vacuum system, and with the rotary knurling tool, the bottom paper and the outer wall get sealed before the heat dissipates.
  6. At the final station of the machine, the top part of the outer wall is softened with special oil and curled outward and folded inward to make the top rim of the cup. Hence the final product –A paper cup.