Hotpack opens 49th showroom in Sharjah Muwaila

Sharjah, May 18, 2023: As part of the business expansion of Hotpack Global, a new showroom has been opened in Sharjah Muaila. One-stop solutions shop to cater to all packaging needs has been launched at Muwaila Commercial Al Maha Building No. 1 (Shop No. 1).

With an excellent range of over 4,000 products from paper  , plastic, aluminium and wood,  Hotpack has more than 25,000 brands.  It has more than 3,800employees from more than  30 countries and 16 manufacturing plants.

Abdul Jabbar PB, Group Managing Director, Hotpack Global, said, "In view of the increased demand for disposable food packaging products in the food packaging industry,  which is on the rise in growth, we are increasing our retail presence through an innovative product portfolio at Hotpack Global.  Made available, excellence and quality are the foremost ones in the market today

He also said that the column has been upgraded to an institution.

P B Zainudeen, Group Executive Director, Hotpack, said, "With new global food brands entering the market in a big way, Hotpack's vision is to continue its expansion in the UAE and the Middle East region, and the launch of the new showroom is part of its operations at that level.

Kochu Khadija, the mother of Managing Director P.B. Abdul Jabbar, Ashraf, Regional Director, Hotpac Global Sharjah and Northern Emirates, K.K. Thomas, Deputy General Manager, Administration, Mujeeb Rahman, DGM Operations, Anwar Sadath, Marketing Manager, Sharjah and Northern Emirates, Mohammed Rafi, Senior Sales Manager, Sharjah and Northern Emirates, was also present on the occasion.