International Women’s Day

Hotpack launches AED 1.2 million worth support initiative for UAE’s women entrepreneurs

DUBAI – March 8, 2022: Hotpack Global, the world’s leading manufacturer of disposable food packaging products, has launched a support initiative worth AED 1.2 million, titled ‘Takkah’ for women entrepreneurs in the UAE’s food service sector.

The one-year-long project offers free food packaging products to small businesses and startups by women entrepreneurs. Its aim is to empower them on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The initiative ‘Takkah’, meaning empowerment, has been announced at a special ceremony organized for women leaders at the headquarters of Hotpack in Dubai to the celebrate the day.

Commenting on the ‘Takkah’ project, Ms. Shahana Ahmed, Head of E-Commerce at Hotpack Global, said, “We are proud to launch this project on this occasion. Focusing on women entrepreneurs in the UAE, the project provides AED 1.2 million support to women entrepreneurs for a year. The project, operated on the hotpackwebstore platform, offers free food packaging products to start-ups led by women entrepreneurs, and small businesses as well as women solopreneurs in the foodservice sector across the UAE.”

“Our purpose is to encourage, support, and build relations with these entrepreneurs. The ‘Takkah’ project is run online to enable us to serve customers throughout the UAE seamlessly while visually enabling these entrepreneurs to browse our wide range of product collections at any given time for them,” she added.

“We understand that a lot of women entrepreneurs are facing major challenges in terms of professionally managing their food packaging needs with the right products that are scientifically good and sustainable to meet their customers’ demand on time. With this project, we are addressing that challenge covering women entrepreneurs, especially those who are into foodservice with baking, confectionery, snacks trading as well traditional and modern cooking,” Ms. Shahana further said.

“A registration form is now live on our platform, where women entrepreneurs in the food sector can provide their relevant information to be part of the the ‘Takkah’ project. The process will help us identify them and start the monthly support in the form of free packaging products specific to their service models. In addition to this, the campaign will help them get more awareness and visibility for their businesses, brands and products. This is to support and empower by reaching out to the right people in the marketplace,” she concluded.

The women entrepreneurs who are interested to participate in the project are requested to register with us on