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Get Plastic Juice Cup Carrier Packaging Solutions from Hotpack Global

Fruit and other juices make excellent and healthy drinks. Many of them have crucial nutrients. Thus, it is hardly surprising that there is a rising demand in the market for them. However, in order to serve them, you often need plastic juice cup carrier products in which the glasses with juice in them can be carried around easily.


A juice cup carrier is a type of packaging usually made of plastic and designed to hold multiple cups of juice. Though you call it a juice cup carrier, it can be used to carry any type of beverage or drink. Also called cup drink carriers, they consist of a cardboard or plastic tray with multiple compartments in the form of holes for holding the cups securely in place. A cup drink carrier is normally used with paper cups and clear cups. And there should be a lid for these cups.

A plastic juice cup carrier makes it easier to transport multiple cups of juice or drinks. It is thus a popular choice for food service and hospitality businesses, especially for takeout orders or delivery services.

Helpful Tips for Buying Plastic Cup Holder Packaging at The Commercial Level

If you have a business that can benefit from a juice cup carrier, then you should remember the following tips while ordering them:

  • Go for a plastic solution

A plastic juice cup carrier is better than alternatives - it has the right tensile strength, cost, and flexibility to be perfect for juice carriers.

  • Consider the size

The definition of an appropriate plastic cup holder differs from business to business. You should go for a carrier with just the right number of compartments for glasses - neither too few nor too few. Ensure the carrier is the appropriate size for the cups you plan to use. Some carriers are designed to hold standard-sized cups, while others may be more suitable for larger or smaller cups. Four compartments might be the ideal number for cup carriers for most businesses.

  • Buy juice cup carrier of tensile strength

The tensile strength of a material is the amount of weight the object can bear without breaking down. The carrier should have the right tensile strength and should be able to withstand the pressure of the weight of cups repeatedly without bending or tearing down.

  • Look for durability

For some businesses where reusability is a possible consideration, you should go for cup drink carriers that are durable.

  • Check the size of the compartments

The size of the compartments of a plastic cup holder should be such that the cups your business uses can fit in them perfectly.

  • Check the design of compartments

The design of the compartments should not only complement the general design of the compartment but should also secure the glasses and help avoid spills. The lid for paper cup also has a role to play in avoiding spills and thus should fit perfectly on the cup.

  • Order juice cup carrier with a handle

As their name suggests, cup drink carriers are meant to help carry the juice, and a handle makes it incredibly easy to carry the juices. The handle should also have the right tensile strength.

  • Aesthetically appealing

You must buy juice cup carrier products that are aesthetically appealing. The carrier's colours should complement the colours your business is associated with. Black is a colour for juice cup carriers that are easily connected with most colours and thus can be used universally.

  • Consider the cost

It would be best if you went for a distributor for beverage cup holder that is able to provide juice carriers made of quality material in bulk and at good prices.

  • Find a trustworthy distributor for beverage cup holder

It would be best to find a distributor who can be depended upon for providing plastic cup holder products.

All these tips will help you order juice cup carrier of the highest quality.

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Hotpack is the best distributor for beverage cup holder. The following are some of the reasons we are considered the best distributor of juice carriers:

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● Buy juice cup carrier products that are durable and meant for long-term use

All these advantages make us the best place to order juice cup carrier.

Not only we provide a plastic juice cup carrier, but we can also be your single-stop solution for the paper cup, lid for paper cup, and other packaging solutions that you might need. Thus, just make your first orders of juice carriers with us now.